Public Defender's Office

117 N. Union Street, Level 300
Delaware, OH 43015
Main Number: 740-833-2780
Fax Number: 740-833-2779


To initiate the process of obtaining a court appointed attorney, please complete the financial disclosure form and background check consent form below. Both forms will need filled out completely and returned to the Public Defender’s Office by email, fax, or mailing to the above address. If the forms are not signed and/or any information is missing or not legible, the forms will be considered invalid. Please keep in mind that to qualify for a Public Defender you must be charged with a “jailable offense” (minor misdemeanors are not eligible) and you must also qualify financially.  The information you provide on the financial disclosure form will be used to determine your financial eligibility.  Please note that these stipulations do not apply to juvenile offenders.  If you are a parent or guardian seeking a court appointed attorney for your child, please contact the Public Defender’s Office for instructions.  

Within 7 days of submitting the paperwork, there is a $25 application fee that will need paid to the Clerk of Courts where your case is being heard.   To find out if you qualify and/or are interested in learning the name and contact information of your attorney prior to your court date, you may contact the Public Defender’s Office after allowing two business days for processing. Please feel free to contact the Public Defender’s Office with any questions or concerns.